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Y2 Curriculum and Gallery

What should children have learned by the end of Year 2? 

Topics in Y2 include:


Nurturing Nurses, Celebrate and Remember, Continents and Oceans, Hot and Cold, Great Fire of London, Cannock to Coast



What will our Spring curriculum hold in store for us?


Spring 1 - Continents and Oceans, Plants, Parables and Miracles.

Spring 2 - Hot and Cold, Living Things and Their Habitats, Lent and Holy Week.


This term we will become geographers as we travel the world to compare and contrast continents, oceans, temperatures and habitats.


Topic/ Science - In Spring 1 we will use our map skills to locate Continents and Oceans, discover different countries, look at the marine life of Great Barrier Reef, write stories and make artwork based on the Rainbow Fish, and observe plants in our local area. Spring 2 will be our Hot and Cold topic where we will look in more detail at certain areas of the world, look at African traditional tales and artwork, and find out how all those snowy animals adapt to the cold weather in Science!


RE - After completing our Christmas topic, we will learn more about the amazing miracles and clever parables of Jesus, before celebrating Lent and Holy Week. We will continue to follow the Ten Ten RSHE scheme and will learn how to manage our feelings in activities to celebrate Children's Mental Health Week.


Maths - As well as improving our operations skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) skills, we will also learn how to use different units of measurement by measuring plants grow, temperatures and more!


English - We will be reading and writing many different texts this term, including stories, explanation texts, information texts, traditional tales and poetry! We will focus on 'think, say, write, check' to make sure we are writing and improving our exciting sentences. We will have daily lessons in groups to improve our reading, spelling and handwriting as well as writing in class. When do we need to use capital letters? How many different types of sentences are there? Are there any exciting synonyms we can use to make our writing more effective? What is the difference between a verb and an adverb?


Computing / PE / Music - We will also be finding out how to use the computer to animate, how to compose a gymnastics sequence based on the sea and how to develop our percussion skills too.






Y2 started the academic year with a fabulous WOW Week all about Nurturing Nurses!

We enjoyed marching across land, sailing across the sea, taking part in battles and being treated in the not so lovely Scutari Hospital. Can you spot the flies, rats and dirt? Hopefully, Florence Nightingale will soon be on the scene to sort it out and Mary Seacole will be helping the soldiers at the British Hotel. They showed the importance of space, ventilation, cleanliness and caring for the sick. Sound familiar? Girl Power!


The injured soldiers at the hospital in Scutari. Can you spot the rats, flies and dirt?


We discovered why and how people celebrate some very exciting events in November and December, as well as remembering important events from the past. What are your favourite events to celebrate? We were detectives as we found out about the Gunpowder Plot, authors as we wrote stories about Diwali, artists as we made beautiful Rangoli patterns, made special dishes of Diwali divas, Remembrance poppies or Christmas stars and even actors when we performed in a special Christmas Around the World play!


We also met someone very special...did he visit you too?




Please see the curriculum pages for more details.



Y2 Spring 1 Curriculum Map 2022

Autumn Curriculum Map