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Y2 Curriculum and Gallery

What should children have learned by the end of Year 2? 

Topics in Y2 include:


Nurturing Nurses, Celebrate and Remember, Continents and Oceans, Hot and Cold, Great Fire of London, Cannock to Coast



What will our Summer curriculum hold in store for us?



Summer 2 - Cannock to Coast, Pentecost, The Mass, Living Things and their Habitats, Geometry, Statistics, Letters, Stories, Instructions







Y2 started the academic year with a fabulous WOW Week all about Nurturing Nurses!

We enjoyed marching across land, sailing across the sea, taking part in battles and being treated in the not so lovely Scutari Hospital. Can you spot the flies, rats and dirt? Hopefully, Florence Nightingale will soon be on the scene to sort it out and Mary Seacole will be helping the soldiers at the British Hotel. They showed the importance of space, ventilation, cleanliness and caring for the sick. Sound familiar? Girl Power!


The injured soldiers at the hospital in Scutari. Can you spot the rats, flies and dirt?


We discovered why and how people celebrate some very exciting events in November and December, as well as remembering important events from the past. What are your favourite events to celebrate? We were detectives as we found out about the Gunpowder Plot, authors as we wrote stories about Diwali, artists as we made beautiful Rangoli patterns, made special dishes of Diwali divas, Remembrance poppies or Christmas stars and even actors when we performed in a special Christmas Around the World play!


We also met someone very special...did he visit you too?


In Spring 1 we travelled though the Continents and Oceans of the world, learned how to share and play sensibly with The Rainbow Fish and made our own fantastic felt fish (although we found cutting quite tricky)! We also used our super science skills to create an experiment on plant growth and recorded our findings in our wonderful explanation writing. Do you think our cress seeds grew best in or out of the sun? 


In Spring 2, we adapted to Hot and Cold climates, as we found out all about the different hot habitats of Africa and compared the cold polar habitats of the Arctic and Antarctic. We loved finding out all about animal adaptation - why camels have humps, why polar bears have white fur, and why penguins huddled together. Our class became full of fantastic Tinga Tinga artists and writers as well as superstar multipliers. We even had our own Last Supper as we learned all about Lent and Holy Week. Did you keep your promises all the way to Easter?


In Summer 1, we became Special Agent Trainees - we had to show off our word and number skills as well as become detectives to find out about the Great Fire of London!




Please see the curriculum pages for more details.



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