St Mary's Catholic Primary School

God is at the centre of our lives and as a schoolcommunity we try to grow in love and care byfollowing the example of Jesus.

Y2 Curriculum and Gallery

Topics in Y2 include:


Nurturing Nurses, Celebrate and Remember, Continents and Oceans, Hot and Cold, Great Fire of London, Cannock to Coast

Y2 Curriculum



What will our Autumn curriculum hold in store for us?



Autumn 1 - Old Testament Stories; Letters; Information Texts; Place Value; Animals including Humans; Yoga; Circuit Training; Rock-it; Mass; Presenting Information on the Computer; Keeping Clean and Healthy.


Autumn 2 - Sharing in the Life of Jesus; Advent; Celebrate and Remember; Instructions, Narratives; Poetry; Dance; Addition and Subtraction; Uses of Everday Materials; Coding; Rock-it; Mass; Christmas Performance; Maths and English Assessments.


School Masses -  Tuesday 1st November, Wednesday 14th December

EY/ KS1 Mass - Wednesday 30th November



Please see the school Curriculum pages for more details on each area of the St. Mary's curriculum.



What should children have learned by the end of Year 2? 

KS1 SATs Teacher Assessment Framework and Standards

What words should Y2 children know how to spell?


Y1 Common Exception Words:

a, are, ask, be, by, come, do, friend, full, go, has, he, here, his, house, I, is, love, me, my, no, of, once, one, our, pull, push, put, said, says, school, she, so, some, the, there, they, to, today, was, we, were, where, you, your


Y2 Common Exception Words:

after, again, any, bath, beautiful, because, behind, both, break, busy, child, children, Christmas, class, climb, clothes, cold, could, door, even, every, everybody, eye, fast, father, find, floor, gold, grass, great, half, hold, hour, improve, kind, last, many, mind, money, most, move, Mr, Mrs, old, only, parents, pass, past, path, people, plant, poor, pretty,  prove, should, steak, sugar, sure, told, water, who, whole, wild, would