St Mary's Catholic Primary School

God is at the centre of our lives and as a schoolcommunity we try to grow in love and care byfollowing the example of Jesus.




Welcome back everyone. Hope you had a lovely half term and enjoyed the sunshine.

We are so excited this term to be learning all about...


We will be be enjoying bear stories such as:

Were Going on a Bear Hunt

Brown Bear Brown Bear. What can you see?

Peace at Last.

We are also going to learn real bear facts. Did you know a Polar Bear has black skin? Where do Koala Bears live?

We are looking forward to sports day and going on a bear picnic.

Hello everyone, hope you have all had a lovely Easter break.


Next term is called... 



We are excited to be learning about spring life, life cycles, farm life and baby animals.

Have you spotted any lambs yet? 

Do you have a pet? 

We will have fun playing in our role plays; The Vets and The Farm Shop. We are going to be learning lots about pets and how to care for them.

The first week back will be EGGciting. Hope you had lots of Easter eggs, look forward to seeing you all. 



Mrs Richards, Mrs Williams & Mrs Starkey



Welcome to our Farm Shop!

We have been loving learning in our farm shop. Counting and weighing vegetable's creating vegetable patterns. Counting and learning the value of money. We have been letting our imaginations run wild.