St Mary's Catholic Primary School

God is at the centre of our lives and as a schoolcommunity we try to grow in love and care byfollowing the example of Jesus.

School Values

Mission Statement

God is at the centre of our lives and as a school community we try to grow in love
and care by following the example of Jesus.
The Gospel values of trust, honesty, forgiveness, self -
respect, self-discipline, loving and caring for one another must be part of everyday
life in our school.
We recognise the importance of home school and Church working in partnership.


But at St Mary's we often abbreviate this to say simply that...

"God is at the centre of our lives"


Aims Of Our School


  • To encourage the Catholic ethos of the school through daily promotion of the Mission Statement, living out the values and teachings of the our faith
  • To provide the highest standards of learning and teaching using a wide range of teaching methods suitable to each child’s needs
  • To nurture a standard of academic excellence and challenge and encourage lifelong independent learning
  • To provide a safe, caring, welcoming and stimulating environment for learning where equal opportunities are provided for all individual needs
  • To ensure all members of the school staff are confident in their respective roles, working together as a team and coordinated by effective leadership
  • To create a caring and harmonious atmosphere in which all members of the school are listened to and respected, displaying tolerance and good manners towards each other where we strive for positive relationships with the wider community