St Mary's Catholic Primary School

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Uniform Information

School Uniform


It is not the policy of the Education Committee to make compulsory the wearing of any distinctive clothing or uniform; but all pupils are required to attend school appropriately dressed, and due to the assistance of parents, many schools have adopted guidelines on dress. Although the wearing of uniform is not compulsory, the following guidelines on dress have been emphasised over many years so that parents can provide adequate and suitable dress for their children.




White or pale blue shirt/blouse

School tie (obtainable from school)

Grey trousers

Navy blue pinafore or skirt (for winter grey tights may be worn)

Navy blue V-necked sweatshirt/ cardigan with embroidered school badge

Shoes must be black, sensible and safe. They should ensure toes are covered and heels are short.


Other options for the summer term-


short sleeved Aertex type shirt with buttoned collar -white or pale blue

a dress emphasising pale blue and white colours

V-necked sweatshirt


PE T-shirt with embroidered school badge

(available from Crested School Wear in Cannock Town Centre and Schoolwear Centre in Walsall Town Centre).



The wearing of jewellery is not permitted.

Hooped earrings are not allowed, however the wearing of studs is permissible. These must be removed unaided for PE. 

Items of fashion are not allowed, including fashion haircuts and nail extensions/ glue ons.



PE Kit

Shorts - navy

T-Shirt-white with embroidered school badge

Track suit bottoms- plain black

Pumps Named pump bag is necessary - obtainable from School


Swimming for children

Trunks/ Swimsuits

Bathing cap- for pupils with long hair.

This is especially important as it would be unpleasant for children to walk back from the pool with wet hair in especially in colder weather.