St Mary's Catholic Primary School

God is at the centre of our lives and as a schoolcommunity we try to grow in love and care byfollowing the example of Jesus.

Y2 Curriculum

What should children have learned by the end of Year 2? 

Topics in Y2 include:


Nurturing Nurses, Celebrate and Remember, Continents and Oceans, Hot and Cold, Great Fire of London, Cannock to Coast



What will our Autumn curriculum hold in store for us?


Y2 started the academic year with a fabulous WOW Week all about Nurturing Nurses!

We enjoyed marching across land, sailing across the sea, taking part in battles and being treated in the not so lovely Scutari Hospital...can you spot the flies, rats and dirt? Hopefully, Florence Nightingale will soon be on the scene to sort it out and Mary Seacole will be helping the soldiers at the British Hotel. They showed the importance of space, ventilation, cleanliness and caring for the sick. Sound familiar? Girl Power!


The injured soldiers at the hospital in Scutari. Can you spot the rats, flies and dirt?


In RE this term, we will find out about God's special people by reading Old Testament stories and finding out about Jesus' family.


We will practise our handwriting, spelling, reading and writing skills in daily Phonics and English lessons. Can you read and write instructions? Letters? Stories?


Can you remember how to partition tens and ones? In Maths, we will improve our place value and addition and subtraction skills this term.


What kind of materials do you know? Our Science topic is all about Materials. We will also have a very special week in 'unblOCkTOBER' about recycling and the environment.


Our topic work in Autumn 1 is Nurturing Nurses and in Autumn 2 will be Celebrate and Remember.


Children will also have ICT, Music and PE lessons and will continue the 10:10 programme for RSHE. Please see the curriculum pages for more details.