St Mary's Catholic Primary School

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Science week

Racing Rockets!


This week is St. Mary’s Science Week!  We have been inspired by this year’s British Science Week theme of ‘Innovating for the Future.’  So, we are all becoming rocket scientists!  We have already watched a special launch assembly.  All children will have the opportunity to design, make and launch their own paper rocket!  Each class will then hold a ‘Grand Launch’ and measure how far the rockets travel.  We will be sharing some of the rockets from across the school in our celebration virtual assembly on Friday. Keep checking the website to find out how we get on!

Here are some ideas of things you could do at home:

  • Talk about or research other scientific innovations.  What innovations might occur in the future?  What innovations would your family like in the future?
  • Have a go at making a paper rocket at home!
  • Research real rockets and space shuttles.  What helps them to fly?  How can you use what you have found out to improve the flight of your own rocket?

Please share your research and rockets with your teachers and classmates!

Have a fantastic Science Week!